SUNDAY MATINEE: Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981)

posted Saturday Oct 25th, 2014

Welcome back to the Sunday Matinee on VoT, and wow do we have a ripper for you this week. As the witching hour grows near, we dig deeper into the seedy world of drastically depraved Made-for-TV horror films from the golden age of the early 1980s, and deliver you a full stream of one of the greatest of the era. I'll never forget seeing this one in grade school and hearing kids at recess talk about "my dad made us turn it off," or "my mom said we couldn't watch the rest of it" as I rejoiced that my dad's horror film fascination allowed me to see this at probably way too early of an age (THANKS DAD!). This extremely unsettling tale is about a retarded man who is accused of raping a young girl of whom he's friends with, and the town vigilantes seek out street justice in the worst way possible.

The nuances are just over the top creepy and incredulously realistic, as the town slowly realized the vigilantes were misguided and justice starts to take control to balance out the evil done. Truly a gripping horror film that relies on no gore (it was made for TV after all) and tremendous evil atmosphere, that's as unsettling as any other classics from the era. So kick back and pop this movie full-screen, and be sure your doors and windows are locked securely, as this one's not gonna go over well.