Get Up Early for Boys Club, Time Flys and The Flakes in San Fran

The Flakes At Budget Rock Live 2006 photo by <a href=
The Flakes At Budget Rock Live 2006 photo by Canderson
posted Wednesday Sep 5th, 2007

This Saturday in San Francisco at the Hemlock Tavern come see the early show featuring three of the coolest acts to ever dig up the wild grease from the dark corners of rock'n'roll. Starting at 6 P.M., the show should be a nice kick start to a wild, unhinged night of antisocial behavior, libertine judgment, and luxurious haircuts. Last year the Minneapolis 3-piece, Boys Club caught everyones ear with their debut on Three Dimensional Records and after their follow-up this spring on Douche Master it's obvious that their brand of melodious gutter pop is set take over the world. Out on their West Coast tour this week, they're spreading the sonic equivalent of a venereal disease, and audiences are lapping it up like thirsty dogs.

The sleazy and devious tones of Bay Area locals, the Time Flys are possibly the perfect reincarnation of the early 70s rock'n'roll ethos before the punk movement dress code took hold, and a handful of Percodan still meant something. Time Flys' creep -friendly sound is classic and fresh altogether, pulling out guitar hooks you could hang your fringe jacket on, and with a delivery that will scare the squares and charm the ladies. Look out for their new single on Douche Master next month.

Headliners, The Flakes hardly need an introduction. Their brand of Berry-soaked guitar, ass-shaking rhythms, and all out negligent rock'n'roll is sure to loosen up the stiffest of audiences. Their debut full-length LP/CD on Dollar Store Records (available here) started hundreds of parties nationwide, and without a hangover slotted for the future, there's no sense in winding down.
If you have it in you, stay for the late show at the Hemlock to see Billy Childish to complete a perfect night.

Here's a Flakes video for “Back to School” from their debut album of the same name.