AUSSIE SOUNDS: The Sidewalk Regrets

posted Wednesday Oct 29th, 2014

Named after a song by The Birthday Party, Brisbane's notorious and sadly short lived band, The Sidewalk Regrets never made the impact they had the potential for, and coming to fruition a few years ahead of their time didn't help much either. Band leader Jamie Thompson was the archetypal brooding genius and for a band that almost changed their name to "Synth Pop Faggots," swung a dark Bad Seeds-soaked sound into a fragile embodiment quite well. As a band ahead of the underground curve in Brisbane, their earliest roots were in the late 1990s, and spanned up until the devastating and untimely overdose of Thompson, which immediately dispersed any chances of continuation.

As one of the Brisbane bands that filled an era of bleak quality output, The Sidewalk Regrets were known to have severely under-attended shows as well as only really being known around their hometown, yet this still doesn't diminish their impact and their tragic contribution to Australian underground music history.

Their lone official release appeared posthumously on a CD-Only release and is currently out of print, yet you can stream it via Spotify HERE, and be sure to check out The Sidewalk Regrets as part of the Noise in My Head: Voices from the Ugly Australian Underground book!